February Art 2019

Welcome to Africa!

Students will study the culture of the Africa through the Serengeti and tribes.

1st grade: Students will studying African's icon, the lion

-Students will learn about the importance of the lion to Africa.

-Students will create a lion painting.

2nd grade: Students will study the Maasai Tribe and understand their culture.

-Students will study the men and women of the tribe along with the art within their

necklaces and clothing.

-Students will create a Maasai woman or man, concentrating on the art work and

patterns in clothing.

3rd grade: Students will study the Serengeti

-Students will learn about how many different animals migrate to the Serengeti.

-Students will understand the meaning of a silhouette and learn how to draw animals and

plant life in a silhouette. They will learn how to "bleed" water color paints.

4th grade: Students will study the importance of African masks.

-Students will learn about symmetry and how to create a perfectly symmetrical mask.

-After study different types of masks, students will design their own African mask.

5th grade: Studying the animals of Africa.

-Students will put what has been taught up until into place and create a realistic painting

of an African animal. They will have to include lines, shape, value, and form into their