November Art 2018


Students will be studying value in art and learn how to make drawings and paintings look realistic

1st grade: Learn the basics of value through using red, orange, and yellow colors to create a leaf painting. Students are able to recognize the lightest color to the darkest color with those 3 basic colors.

2nd grade: Students will enhance their understanding of value through using white and black to create a lighter and darker value of a color. Students will apply this while creating a mountain reflection painting.

3rd grade: Student will continue learning about value through monochromatic colors. While monochromatic is usually the whole art shades and tints of one color, student will create a cupcake drawing and apply monochromatic in the frosting and wrapper only - this allows the students to easily understand and apply monochromatic.

4th grade: Students will continue value through understanding highlights and shadows in a drawing. Highlights are pure white and is where the light source is hitting, while shadows have no light and usually black. Students will create a landscape painting including highlights and shadows.

5th grade: Students will wrap all knowledge of value together and create a lemon painting including all aspect of value. They will also learn how adding several colors and opposite colors can add value and shades.