October 2022

1st grade: Students will learn about the primary and secondary colors, and how we make secondary colors.

    • Primary colors are: red, blue, yellow

    • Secondary colors are: green, orange, and purple

    • Students will create a mixed media design, incorporating primary and secondary colors.

2nd grade: Students will learn about complementary colors.

    • Complementary colors are colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel.

    • red/green, blue/orange, yellow/purple.

    • Students will create complementary color cupcakes in the style similar to below.

3rd grade: Students will learn about warm and cool colors.

    • Warm colors: red, orange, and yellow - give the feeling of warmth.

    • Cool colors: blue, green, and purple - give the feeling of cool.

    • Students will create a peacock painting using warm and cool colors.

4th grade: Students will learn about analogous colors. These are colors located next to each other on the color wheel, for ex: yellow, yellow-green, green or violet, red-violet, red.

    • Students will create fracture heart drawing incorporating the analogous colors.

5th grade: Students will be studying shades and tints and start the process of creating realistic paintings.

    • Shades - is adding black to a color.

    • Tint - is adding white to a color.

    • Students will create an scenery on craft sticks applying shades and tints.