September 2022

1st grade: Learning the basics of a line and discussing geometric shapes and organic shapes.

    • Students will create line and shape while creating an owl similar to the example below.

2nd grade: Review the basics of lines and study patterns.

  • Students will create a pattern picture similar to the example below.

3rd grade: Review lines and understand how to create texture through using lines.

  • Students will create a bear, emphasizing on the hair to show texture.

4th grade: Review lines and learn how certain lines show emotion. For ex: vertical lines - height, horizontal lines - relaxation, diagonal - tension, parallel lines - excitement, zigzag - chaos, spiral - infinity.

  • Students will create Zentangle designs, while incorporating past line lessons.

5th grade: Review everything about line and add all the knowledge into creating a mandala.

  • Students will create a free form mandala.